Barreflow Online Certification


Online barre certification complete with full class video.


The BarreFlow Instructor Certification provides comprehensive instruction in basic anatomy and physiology, proper alignment both at the barre and on the mat, and the skills necessary to develop and lead a safe and effective group exercise class.

Though there is a degree of creativity allowed in program design, there are specific elements that must be present in every class thereby providing the consistence that participants crave and facility owners can rely on.

Topics of study include:

Basic anatomy
Basic principles of exercise physiology
Postural issues from daily living
Barre Alignment
Exercise Selection
Program Design

After buying the online certification you will be given all the resources needed to get certified along with the link to take the online certification list.

The certification will be $249 and for an addition $99 you can sit in on a live workshop within a year of your test dates.

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